These Are The Most Unreachable Places On The Planet

mikolajn There aren’t many places on our good Earth that are (practically) untouched by humans, but they do still exist. If you want to visit some of them, you have to overcome many obstacles, but it is...

AAA Expects An Independence Day Travel Armageddon

turtix Every year, the weekend around the Fourth of July attracts a ton of attention because of the number of people traveling throughout the country. Well, this year, the authorities are expecting a mess...

15 Reasons To Only Marry Someone From Your Own Country

Vacations overseas are grand. You get to experience a new culture, see incredible sights, and if you’re lucky meet some incredible people. Out of all the dangers you thought could happen to you while on your grand vacation you probably didn’t think one of them would be falling in love with someone from a foreign country

Explore China Like A Local

Four million square miles and one billion people strong, you could spend a lifetime exploring China and still not see all the riches that this ancient nation has to offer.

Shark Bite Beach: 15 Beaches To Avoid Swimming At

The risks of a swimmer succumbing to a Jaws scenario is quite low, with less than one hundred recorded attacks by sharks each year. In fact you are more likely to be killed by a mountain lion than a great white, statistic wise
Haulover Beach

Florida’s 8 Most Unique Beaches

Florida boasts approximately 1,200 miles of coastline, so it's not surprising that this state has some of the best beaches in the world.