Spain’s Spectacular Celebration: 9 Reasons You’ll Love Las Fallas

ninotsPhoto credit: CC license by Quim Massana
Every March in Spain the Feast of Saint Joseph is celebrated to mark the end of winter and to welcome the entrance of spring. The city of Valencia is turned into party central with an elaborate festival full of lights, flowers, costumes and satires, music and lots of fireworks. Here are a nine reasons you’ll have the time of your life at the festival.

1. They Make Fun Of Local Celebrities

Gigantic papier-mache figures, called ninots, which often stand 20 feet tall or more are paraded through the streets before being placed in groups and displayed throughout the city. The ninots each satirize a political or public figure such as actors, actresses, sports idols, or pretty much any other creation the imagination can concoct. The pieces range from fun and playful to beautiful to grotesque and they are all there for the enjoyment of the public.

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