15 Great American Road Trips For Your Bucket List

1024px-Route66-Watch-For-RocksPhoto credit: CC license by Vítězslav Válka

The Europeans invented the car, but Americans invented the road trip. Loading up the car with suitcases, snacks, and cameras for a weekend on the open road is enough to make any traveler feel giddy with the promise of adventure. An incredible four million miles of highways wind their way around the United States. Here are just a few thousand miles of the best routes, road trips, and sights in America.

1. The Classic, The Original, Route 66

Many travelers assume road trips started in the 50s when the family road trip became a yearly summer event, but drivers started traversing Route 66 as early as the 1920s. The highway runs all the way from Chicago to Los Angeles and you’ll see just about every landscape America can offer along the way. Rolling farmland, great forests, majestic mountains, and arid deserts await you as you make you way along “The Mother Road.”

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