15 Reasons To Only Marry Someone From Your Own Country

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Vacations overseas are grand. You get to experience a new culture, see incredible sights, and if you’re lucky meet some incredible people. Out of all the dangers you thought could happen to you while on your grand vacation you probably didn’t think one of them would be falling in love with someone from a foreign country. In fact you may have seen that as a bonus to your trip. In the moment, kissing and falling in love with a foreigner seems like the most romantic, passion-filled choice in the world, but the grim reality is that carrying on a relationship and marrying a foreigner is hard work. Here’s fifteen reasons why you should walk away and go marry someone from your own country:

1. You’ll lose your favorite holiday traditions

Say farewell to Turkey Day because if you move to your partner’s country, you will never see another Thanksgiving again. Of course, if your partner lives here, they’ll have to forgo their favorite holiday traditions as well.

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