Naked Restaurants Are Coming And They Don’t Like Fat People

shutterstock_105118202Photo credit: Andrey Bayda

Naked restaurants are springing up all over the world, and for now, we know of three – in London, Tokyo and Melbourne. It’s safe to say that dining stark naked is definitely creating a whole new dimension in the fine dining universe, but before you get excited, there are rules to uphold before you even step into the naked restaurants.

For a meal that ranges in price from $130 to $260, you will have to be put on a waiting list. If you wish to dine at Bunyadi – the naked restaurant that will open in London – you will for starters have to get your name to a waiting list that already has over 3,500 people on it (the restaurant seats 42 people).

After that, make sure that you’re not overweight, because the restaurant reserves the right to deny you entry if they discover that you are more than 33lb heavier than your average weight should be. If you want to be naked, you have to be fit for the occasion (dressed for the occasion is outdated). They will measure you on the spot.

If you pass the test, you get to take your clothes off and strut around the restaurant in the paper underwear or completely in the nude if you’ve got the courage for it.

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