5 Great Summer Vacation Destinations In The US

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If you are not planning to leave the country but still want to take a break from your routine, here are some travel suggestions that might not have occurred to you as great vacation destinations:

Santa Barbara, California, should be your go-to place if you’re particularly interested in food. There you will find amazing organic produce, cheeses all around, and don’t forget the wine… Oh, the wine.

Key Largo, Florida, prides itself on great beaches and activities that go with them, including diving, snorkeling, or just riding in glass floor boats – your choice.

Truro, Massachusetts, is a great pick if you have always wanted to see Cape Cod Bay. You can find beautiful suites here, even some very posh ones.

Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, will allow you to go back to nature, which most of us really need. There are great hike trails alongside the beautiful meadows, not to mention mesmerizing views every step of the way.

Valparaiso, Indiana, is the right fit for you if you are into more provincial vibes for your summer days. Around fifty miles from Chicago, Valparaiso is a great choice for those who love hummingbirds, flowers in abundance, and the savanna climate.

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