This Spooky Japanese Suicide Forest Is The Best Thing We’ve Seen All Day

shutterstock_294574169Photo credit: PlusONE

Yes, such a place exists. Right on the slopes of Mount Fuji you can find a vast forest with vegetation so dense that the forest is actually called the Sea of Trees. For more than sixty years, this forest has been known as THE place for the suicides from all over the world.

The number of people going and never leaving is growing each year, which is why authorities stopped showing official records of deaths in the Aokigahara.They do not want to encourage more people to go in.

Locals claim that there is magic at work on the forest grounds, and that the trees make people lose their way and never come back. To prevent people from entering the suicide forest with the goal of taking their own life, police even put up signs that try to convey the message that life is precious and shouldn’t be thrown away lightly.

There are forest workers that venture through the tree sea in order to find stray hikers and they have an extremely dirty job of taking corpses they find to the police station by foot. Think about that next time you’re complaining about your job.

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