Ensure A Perfect Romantic Getaway

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When people think “romance”, they think of candlelit dinners, moonlight walks on a beach and quiet time with that special someone. While those are nice and many people enjoy them, others look for other ways to bond with their significant other.

Whether it’s a weekend getaway or a 10-day vacation, part of the romance of any trip is doing things you truly enjoy and doing them together. Romance is the bond between two people that makes any activity an enjoyable one, as long as they do it together. Enjoying your lovers’ company while doing something that has meaning for both of you is what makes it romantic.

Camping:  A camping trip to the mountains may be just what you need to reconnect with your partner if you are feeling a little distant. Away from the rush of the city and the constant beeping of your cell phones. Sitting around a campfire and hiking to the sounds of nature may be just what you both need to get your biological rhythms back in sync. Almost every state has a national park or camping area that would be perfect for a weekend getaway. If you are looking to go big and visit the mountains, the Rockies and the Great Smoky Mountains have an abundance of camping facilities that will allow you to take your romance back to nature.

Ski Vacations: If you are looking for something a little colder and are more inclined to snuggle time, a day on the slopes may be just what you need. Chasing each other down a snow covered mountain and then warming up in front of a roaring fire may be the perfect date night if winter sports are included in your favorite past time. When you and your spouse share a passion for an activity, doing it together makes it romantic. Cross country skiing can take you on a journey that not only binds your heart, but it helps to keep you healthy as well. Ski slopes in Michigan, Canada, Colorado and most of the northern tier states can accommodate couples who want to spend time enjoying each other’s company.

Navy Pier: If you like the sun, the beach and shopping, Navy Pier in Chicago offers all of the above. Nestled along Lake Michigan, Navy Pier offers 5 star hotels and restaurants, an amusement park and a beach. Small shops are open year round and offer everything from clothing to jewelry to mementos. The great thing about Navy Pier is that all of the attractions are in walking distance. No cars needed. Just set out for a walk and you can spend the entire day enjoying each other’s company, seeing the sights and playing in the sun. Hold hands as you walk along the beach or propose marriage on the carousel overlooking the Lake.

Memories can be made no matter where you are. The location doesn’t make the vacation romantic. You do!

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