10 Sites In Paris Off The Beaten Path

9974919043_3215db1077_bPhoto credit: CC license  by cjuneau

It’s Paris, you already know your going to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and some fantastically reviewed bakeries; but what about the nooks and crannies of Paris that your guides and tours may not mention? Check out these 15 off the beaten path Paris spots that will surely ensure you get the most out of your Parisian visit.

1. Paris Beaches

Paris plages aka beaches aren’t exactly the French Riveria. However, for landlocked Paris, they are a festive way to spend a summer day. Located along the Right Bank on the Seine, this one-mile expanse of beach is carefully constructed every summer by the city government with 2,000 tons of sand. Lounge chairs, palm trees in pots, and hammocks add to the faux beach look. Parisian-watch as you relax by the River Seine, or join the locals for trampoline jumping, wall climbing and beach volleyball. There’s even a beach side library!

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