15 Ways To Make A Flight Attendant Like You And Get In-Flight Freebies

1024px-British_Airways_747-400_World_Traveller_cabinPhoto credit: CC license by Rene Ehrhardt

Being a flight attendant is often a thankless job, with too much time spent soaring through the skies at the mercy of grumpy travelers who would just as soon snap at the staff as shoot them a friendly smile. For those of you who would like to fly friendlier skies, and maybe even get a few extra bags of peanuts, here are 15 ways you can butter up your flight attendant and make their day – and yours – just a little bit better.

1. Say Hello

We know you’re tired from trudging all the way across the airport to gate 437D, and it takes a lot of effort to herd yourself through those winding security lines without going into full rage mode, but how hard is it to acknowledge the friendly boarding greeting from flight attendants by answering with one of your own? A friendly smile and warm “hello” will go a long way towards the start of a beautiful on-board friendship.

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