The New Trend In Vacations: Wellness Tours

Camaldoli HermitagePhoto credit: CC license by NOAA’s National Ocean Service
When you think about vacations you probably imagine a scenario that involves letting go of your stress, sleeping in, eating good food, having a great time and never wanting to leave. But what really happens on vacation is anything but. You most likely find that the stress doesn’t completely go away, the hotel you chose isn’t what you expected, there are lines to do anything, your kids are bored, everything is more expensive than you planned and you have no time to be by yourself to relax.

The next time you think about going on vacation try out the new trend in vacation: wellness tours. Vacations like these specialize in treatments and activities that recharge your mind and let your body recover. Not just any resort can offer these services, many may claim they can help you relax but they can’t follow through on the promise. Check out these 15 resorts that are designed specifically to help their guests unwind, relax and start enjoying life again.

1. New Camaldoli Hermitage, Big Sur, CA.

When you are looking for a truly religious experience, you need go no farther than Big Sur, on California’s central coast. If you need solitude (and you don’t want to spend a mint to get it), New Camaldoli Hermitage has exactly what you need. As an added plus, the ocean views are breathtaking.

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