7 Best Places To Eat In NYC For Under $20

4306229677_146a2d8a23_bPhoto credit: CC license  by snowpea&bokchoi

2. Counting Change at C&C Prosperity Dumplings

The dumpling movement in NYC has taken on a life of its own. Whether you’re talking about succulent butternut squash-filled ravioli or spicy Japanese gyoza, the city is filled with hundreds of amazing dumpling spots. C&C Prosperity Dumplings, located on the Lower East Side, serves up incredibly tasty dumplings that can be had for little more than the change in your pocket. A single dollar will net you a quintet of C&C’s classic steaming hot pork and chive dumplings, freshly made and intoxicatingly tasty. Throw in another dollar to double your pleasure, or splurge on a bowl of noodles with meat and bean sauce for a mere $2.50, $3 if you want it served with wonton soup.

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