7 Best Places To Eat In NYC For Under $20

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In many cities, you’d be forgiven for taking a date or your parents out to an all-you-can-eat chain restaurant for dinner; in those cities, those restaurants are probably the only ones for miles around. In NYC, however, you have an endless number of restaurant choices at your fingertips, so taking a date to a chain restaurant would be nothing short of an insult. To help save your future relationships as well as your pockets, check out below for some of the best places to eat for $20 and under in NYC.

1. Digging Into the Noodles at Xi’an Famous Foods

It seems like there are as many cheap Chinese restaurants in NYC as there are residents in China, and the food can sometimes be little more than mediocre. This is not the case at the celebrated Xi’an Famous Foods, a cash-only Chinese restaurant with four eateries throughout the city that serve up the tastiest affordable Chinese fare this side of Shanghai. Try the spicy cumin lamb noodles, the tender noodles are nestled in a cumin-tinged spicy chili oil sauce and laced through with succulent pieces of lamb. The whole meal will set you back around $8, minus the cost of something to wash it down. The best part is that if you eat in, you may get to see the chefs preparing the hand-pulled noodles, an experience that’s a sight to behold. A dinner and a show for under $10 per person!

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