7 Best Places To Eat In NYC For Under $20

5021555016_5e53150090_bPhoto credit: CC license  by Janet Hudson

3. Staying Under Budget at Beyond Sushi

If you’re one of those sushi lovers who believe that vegetarian sushi is not sushi, check out Beyond Sushi located in the East Village. The term “vegan sushi” may be rage-inducing to some, but the cheap prices and stellar reviews should pull you in. The Spicy Mang will set you back $6.50 and is a sight to behold. This fan favorite is a black rice roll made up of cucumber, avocado, mango and chopped veggies, all topped off with the restaurant’s signature toasted cayenne sauce. Another best seller is the $8.73 Nutty Buddy Wrap, a decadent wrap chock full of buckwheat noodles, cilantro, baked tofu, crushed peanuts, sesame oil, jalapeno peanut butter and avocado, all lovingly infused with a sweet soy mirin sauce.

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