7 Types Of People Who Should Try Extreme Camping

tent on cliffPhoto credit: CC license by Bureau of Land Management
It takes a special sort of person to enjoy extreme camping. If you’re not familiar with this sport that’s been around for several years, you’re not alone. Few people have heard of extreme camping. Even fewer have tried it. Perhaps it’s because it often takes place thousands of feet in the air, anchored to the side of a mountain and swaying in the breeze. Daring guests often sleep in tents suspended from tree tops, hung over the side of a cliff or dangling in the open air.

These types of vacations aren’t for the faint of heart. Who are these extreme thrill seekers who actually enjoy the rush of falling asleep, knowing sudden, painful death could come at any minute? And what traits do they have in common?

1. Adrenaline Junkies

Cliff-side camping creates its own sort of rush. Like the rush you get when you realize death could be lingering just around the corner. Or just a few thousand feet down, to be more accurate. Only an adrenaline addict could relax this way. The rest of us will set up at the local KOA.

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