Hidden Gems Of America: Sites You’ll Want To See

Mount RushmorePhoto credit: CC license  by Aaron
Planning your vacation and not sure where to go or what to see? Everyone knows the major tourist attractions, like the Statue of Liberty, Museum of Science and Industry, Gettysburg and Disneyland. While those places are great destinations, they are often crowded and, in some cases, extremely expensive.

Do something different this year. No matter where you plan to travel, do your research and uncover the hidden gems each state has to offer. Every state has them and some can be a challenge to find, but they are there and they are well worth the journey. Best of all, they aren’t overcrowded and will probably go easy on your travel budget.

South Dakota – Mount Rushmore is a common tourist attraction for people who are traveling cross country. Instead of fighting the people at the National Monument, look into other treasures in the area. Deadwood is a few miles away. It’s famous for being the place where Wild Bill Hickock was killed over a game of poker. Crazy Horse Memorial is also close by. Historical sites such as Wounded Knee and Custer State Park are within driving distance. The entire area is full of history and the rich culture of the Native Americans. (link to tour site)

Pennsylvania – Philadelphia is one of the most historical places in the United States, but it isn’t the only place worth visiting. Hershey is the home of the one of the largest chocolate companies in the world. You can tour the factory and sample the chocolate straight from the maker. To the west, you can step back into time and learn what it was like to live a century ago. The Amish communities that dot the Pennsylvania countryside offer food at its finest, handmade crafts and furniture along with an insight as to the benefits of living a simpler life.

Missouri – Missouri is famous for the Arch as well as hosting many of the most active ports along the Mississippi River. It also is the home of Branson. Branson is known for its Vegas style entertainment and gambling venues. Looking deeper into the state, you can find other interesting places to visit. Jesse James, the famous old west outlaw, died and is buried in St. Joseph, Missouri. The Anheuser Busch brewery can also be found in St. Louis.

Every state has hidden treasures that are waiting to be explored. Honeymoon, family vacation or solo weekend getaway, you are only limited by the boundaries you establish. Stray off the beaten path when it comes to traveling. There is so much more to America than the popular attractions you always hear about.

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