The Exotic American Island No One Knows About

1024px-US_Navy_030225-N-0000X-002_An_aerial_view_of_Apra_Harbor_on_U.S._Naval_Base_Guam_is_seen_during_a_fly-by,_Feb._25,_2003Photo credit: CC license by U.S. Navy

2. Guam doesn’t have ANY sand.

For an island country this is actually a pretty amazing feat. For those that are used to hitting the beaches on their favorite vacation getaways, the coast of Guam will feel a tiny bit different. Rather than having any sand ANYWHERE on the island, Guam is comprised of ground up coral. This coral is smooth enough to resemble sand and is way more versatile. The people of Guam use this same ground up coral, mixed with cement, to pave their roads.

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