17 Awesomely Hilarious Tweets From Sochi 2014

The 2014 Winter Olympics are getting ready to kick off on February 7th and many competitors, journalists and spectators are arriving to find plenty of surprises in the host city of Sochi. Most surprisingly the hotel accommodations are seriously lacking the comfort and cleanliness standards most Americans are used to.

18 Things To Do In Amsterdam Besides Smoke Pot

When we think of Amsterdam, it's almost impossible to not think of pot smokers. Due to the plant's legal presence in the city, it's only expected one would find a lot of pot tourism. And that's fine, but it's not the only reason to visit the city. Here are 18 reasons things to do in Amsterdam that aren't smoking pot.

15 Stunning Swiss Mountain Views

From lush valleys to active nightlife to astounding mountain peaks, Switzerland is a land of great beauty and timelessness. Nowhere is this as true as in the Swiss Alps, where you can still find farmers cutting hay and grain with a scythe, untouched and pristine wilderness and breathtaking waterfalls.

10 Sites In Paris Off The Beaten Path

It’s Paris, you already know your going to visit the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and some fantastically reviewed bakeries; but what about the nooks and crannies of Paris that your guides and tours may not mention? Check out these 15 off the beaten path Paris spots that will surely ensure you get the most out of your Parisian visit.