8 Things You See In Brazil And Nowhere Else

ManausPhoto credit: CC license by Lukas AM
What part of the world should you visit on your next vacation? If you find Europe too crowded and Asia too bland, cross the equator and you’ll find yourself in a country without compare: Brazil. Featuring dizzying peaks on the one side, unending rainforests on the other, and a vibrant cityscape that stretches for miles, Brazil lets you get away from the world on your own schedule. What’s there to do?

1. Manaus

Literally located one thousand miles from the nearest large city, Manaus is an entity unto itself. Go a few miles in any direction and there’s nothing but rainforests, but this million-strong city has its own non-stop heartbeat. Go out onto the river by day to sneak a look at river dolphins, then return at night for the club scene. Once you’re done partying, drift out and shine your flashlight on submerged trees, where you’ll see caiman eyes glaring back at you.

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