How To Meet Interesting People In Your Travels

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If you are traveling alone and need some tips on how to meet interesting people, this is your blog.

Traveling alone is awesome; no one to hold you back from the things you want to do, no one to bug you to get up, no one to wake you up because you’re snoring or hogging the covers. I think you get my drift. Despite all those luxuries there is only so much me time one can take. That’s why it’s nice to meet people along your journey to mix and mingle with on occasion.

Some of us can’t talk to people until we’ve had a cup of coffee first. For everyone else, it can be exciting to start a discussion at breakfast or lunch in the hotel dining area. Sometimes you can find people who share your interests this way. One way you can “break the ice” is to ask for directions to the next place you want to visit. I have had both waiters and fellow guests become friendlier when they were locals and knew that I needed their advice.

When on tours, try to stay close to one or two others (of both genders) and buddy up with them. Be wary of course if they are not someone you feel comfortable with, but often people in tour groups enjoy discussing what they are seeing with others.

When engaged in sports or activities, look for people who enjoy the same things you do. Start a conversation with someone during a skydiving excursion, mountain-climbing or other event. If these people share your hobby or past time, that’s a good place to start to get to know someone.
Remember that people who are engaged in specific activities are likely not dangerous. They are just having a good time, like you are, in their favorite sport. Singles who are unattached could notice others who are also not with someone and strike up a conversation. Who knows? You might even get their email address and cell phone number before the end of the day.

If you connect with someone during one of your activities, and you do manage to get their number, try calling and connecting with them for a meal. This will give you a chance to get to know them even better. Go in separate cars and meet them there rather than going in the same car. This way it’s not as much like a date and you can always exit easily if things don’t go so well.

The main thing is to be cautiously friendly when talking to strangers and get a sense of what they are there for, some details about them, and if they are open to further contact. Most of the time, the people you come across on vacation may never cross your path again. But, on the other hand, you could meet the love of your life there!

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