7 Vacations That’ll Make You Forget Your Problems

MauritiusPhoto credit: CC license by Selene Weijenberg

6. Lollygagging in Mauritius

If you really want to feel like you’re on the other side of the world, you should just go there! Mauritius, the home of the mythical (except it was real!) dodo bird, is an island off the coast of southern Africa that has been charming visitors from around the world for years. Its white powder beaches, crystalline blue waters and perfect weather almost dare you to do anything but laze about in the sunshine like a lizard, but there’s plenty to do in the unlikely event that you become bored. You have plenty of luxurious options available to you when it comes to accommodations. For classic, Mauritian hospitality, check out La Pirogue on the island’s west coast. The pool at this beautiful resort actually blends into the Indian Ocean. It’s a hard life.

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